Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene and Nutrition Qualifications

We at SafeCert Awards provide the accreditation service through our awarding body to provide our accredited trainers and accredited centres a range of food safety Awards.

Qualification Levels

SafeCert provide a total of 3 levels of Food Hygiene qualifications for general food safety in catering, nutrition as well as supervising food safety in catering. The details of each level is as follows:

Food Safety in Catering

  • The Food Safety in Catering Award is designed to ensure that all employees
    are aware of food safety in preparation and storage for eventual service to the public.
  • RQF Level 2/ SCQF Level 5

Good Nutrition

  • Good Nutrition Award is designed for anyone who is working in food
    preparation and/or food service. It will give you basic knowledge of nutrition
    which will help you prepare well-balanced meals and menus.
  • RQF Level 2

Supervising Food Safety in Catering

  • Supervising Food Safety in Catering Award is aimed at those in a  supervisory role within the catering and hospitality industry.  It will be able to demonstrate a wide knowledge of food safety legislation and supervision.
  • RQF Level 3



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