Safe Movement and Handling of People

Safer Moving and Handling of People (RQF Level 2/SQA Accreditation)

We at SafeCert Awards provide the accreditation service through our awarding body to provide our accredited trainers and accredited centres a range of Healthcare Awards.

Qualification Details

This award gives a great induction training in the safe movement and handling of People or as great refresher training in practical skills in safe movement.  It will cover the core safety aspects of safe movement as well as the core moves in safe movement of people with and without equipment as required.

The unit has to learning outcomes as follows:

  • Understand the reasonsfor safer moving andhandling of people in care settings
  • Be able to move and positionindividuals safely, maintainingtheir dignity.


The qualification is assessed with a series of practical moves as well as their knowledge in the form of a multiple choice question paper.


Awarding Body for First Aid at Work and Health and Safety Qualifications.


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