Teaching Qualifications

We at SafeCert Awards provide the accreditation service through our awarding body to provide our accredited trainers and accredited centres a range of Teaching Awards as follows:

Qualification Levels

SafeCert provide a total of a selection of teaching awards such as the main Education and Training Award plus the Delivery of Conflict Management Training. We also provide the Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups.  The details of each teaching qualification are listed below.

Education and Training Award

  • Education and Training Award is the main accredited teaching qualification
    which has become the national standard, for teaching most accredited awards through awarding bodies. The Education and Training Award is a generic teaching award.
  • RQF Level 3/ SQA pending

Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups

Your Own Awards

  • Your Own Awards – Do you have awards which are not on the RQF but which to gain aopproval and have the ability to give accredited certification to your candidates for your own designed awards.